Holidays in Quiberon

The Gulf of Morbihan just close to Quiberon

The Gulf of Morbihan is a bay adorned with wonderful little resorts that welcome you for a relaxing stay and a change of scene. The landscapes will fascinate you with its charming decorations that vary with the rhythm of the tides and the vagaries of time.The prosperity of its natural environments with sometimes steep characters, sometimes sandy or cutting makes of the Gulf of Morbihan a shelter, a refuge for countless birds that you will observe with each passage! A quick tour to explore this little corner between land and sea!The Gulf of Morbihan, an extraordinarily magical bayA quiet...

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Surfing on the peninsula of Quiberon

In fact, the peninsula of Quiberon is well - known in Brittany for being an exceptional site for the practice of surfing as well as for the great splendor of its spots. On its wild coast, sea baths are strictly forbidden.The waves are eminently big and dangerous. Only experienced surfers are able to tame the swells with their boards ... Also, they are led to take their precautions and pay attention during practice. However, rescue teams monitor the area around the beach and do not hesitate to come and support the imprudent people.The favorable moment to surf on the peninsula of Quiberon is...

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Breton Galettes, a Breton tradition

In the Breton region, talking about galette can become a real subject of discussion ... Indeed, everything depends on the place where it is tasted ... Galette or crepe? Everyone has his method of preparation! In the western part of the region, there is no pancake there, but rather buckwheat or buckwheat crepe.In Basse - Breton, the recipe is very different from that in Upper Brittany, on the East coast. On these high places, the galette is made with only buckwheat flour, water and salt. On the lower side of Brittany, cooks add this simple recipe of eggs, milk and wheat to add a little...

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