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Find your apartment rental in Quiberon's beach for a holiday

Whether it is a nice day, it is hot , come rain or shine, the Peninsula of Quiberon is a joy every season. Its winter’s colors, its summer light will fascinate you for as long as you come back to this place! Choose an apartment rental in Quiberon's beach for a holiday.

Our apartment rentals in Quiberon's beach

Here are our holiday apartment rental offers in Quiberon next to the beach - south Britanny. My home in Quiberon offers you also the possibility to rent a an apartment with a swimming pool or next to the Wellness centre.

Rent an apartment in Quiberon's beach

Do you know shore fishing? If you spend a few days on the Peninsula of Quiberon, and especially during spring tides, do not miss to go adventuring and to see where the wind takes you in one of the beaches next to Haliguen Harbor or Pointe du Conguel, where you will find fisherman. Before leaving, make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Large boots, a waxed and most importantly, your fishing equipment. If you intend to hunt shrimp, have a scoop net (or pencil pusher), a kind of net installed on a wooden handle. If these are the shells that interest you, then you will simply need a small rake. Knives, shells, periwinkles, clams, prawns ... are as many crustaceans to discover and taste for your pleasure. If the latter are surely already familiar to you, perhaps it is not the same for the goose - necked barnacles, an atypical crustacean of the family of antifreezes. Nestling in the most inaccessible rocks of the Côte Sauvage, the goose - necked barnacles will appeal to the most experienced of you. So as to recognize it, be aware that it is in clusters, covered with a blackish parchment skin. It holds 5 fleshy fingers each with an articulated shell. When its shell opens, small paws brew the water that bathes the gills. It should be noted that angling is strictly regulated and prohibited from 1 June to 1 November. Whether you choose one or the other among these villages, My Home In Quiberon has selected the apartment of your dreams, at the best quality / price ratio. Therefore, take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !