Tourism in My Home In Quiberon

Do you like wilderness? A territory marked by a rich history of several thousand years? Stunning and beautiful sandy beaches? Seeing the sea raging and crashing on the rocks? Then the Peninsula of Quiberon is the place for a successful holiday. For 3 days or several weeks, discover the Côte Sauvage. Turning towards the west, it extends 8 kilometers from the Castle Turpault which marks the entrance to the Pointe du Percho. Continually mauled by the sea and the winds, it never ceases to be whipped by the waves that come smashing loudly on the steep cliffs. Over the centuries and erosion, a multitude of creeks, reefs, caves and arches have grown there. You will have to wait until the low tide to reach it. Be careful to the distractions not to be caught by the rising tide ... 

The cliffs also offer magnificent walks. Covered with clean grass on which the carnation and the maritime armories bloom, they are a treasure especially in the spring. As you walk along the Côte Sauvage, you will discover the old Vivier - a natural crevice between the rocks that has been able to contain up to 20 000 crustaceans -, the Trou du souffleur - from which according to legend one could hear the groans of the devil ... - but also the fountain of Port Kerné, the point of Kervihan where the fortifications of a neolithic camp, Port Bara and its cave to visit at low tide, the beach of Port Blanc nestled between the dunes and the cliffs, of the Percho and finally, the Pointe de Beg in Aud. If the panorama on the wide is splendid, bathing as for it is forbidden because dangerous because of the blades of background. Organise from now your accommodation in Quiberon !