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Holiday rental in Quiberon

A wild and exceptional coastline to the west, splendid sandy beaches to the east ... Quiberon with its coveted charm offers for 14 km a variety of landscapes that seduces at first glance.

A beautiful seaside resort in Brittany, the peninsula is one of the most popular destinations in the world. It also serves as a starting point for Belle-île, Houat and Hoëdic. Heading west, this charming wild coast stretches for 8 km from Château Turpault to Percho Point.

Cliffs being cut, arches mined by the tide ... Even in calm weather, the dancing waves smashing on the rocks is surprising! If you have time, take a quick hike on Beg-er-Goalennec Point ... More! Opt for a holiday rental near this sublime corner so that you will be able to afford so much walk at any time and take advantage of a sublime view of the sea ...

Being the administrative centre of the tourism in Brittany, the peninsula of Quiberon offers about thirty kilometers of coast. Recognized for its fabulous and long beaches, the seaside resort is advancing various facets for those who takes the time to discover it.

You have chosen to go on holiday to Quiberon but you have no idea where you are going to stay? No worries, we have the solution for you! The vacation rental is an excellent alternative to fully appreciate your stay in peace and quiet. Indeed, you will have the chance to stay in a comfortable and well equipped accommodation having everything you need during your journey.

During the holidays, it is more advisable to give priority to the accommodations located near the tourist sites so as to facilitate your trip but also so that you can go there as many times as you want it.

You can opt for a holiday rental near the great footpath of Grande Randonnée and so browse the natural and unspoilt paths of Quiberon. There is nothing more exciting than finding yourself in the center of picturesque hamlets where you can relax and reconnect with nature.

Quiberon is a very active tourist destination. It invites you to take advantage of several marine activities to enhance your holiday. In this respect, do not hesitate to give yourself over to sailing, kayaking, kite-surfing, sea fishing and many others that will certainly entertain you!