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There is only one watchword : relax! And one of the best ways to achieve this is undoubtedly to make the most of all the benefits of thalassotherapy. With a renowned center and an exceptional location, the Peninsula of Quiberon offers you a well-being holiday. Let's go ! Choose an apartment rental next to the thalassotherapy in Quiberon.

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Our apartment rental in Quiberon thalassotherapy

Here are our holiday apartment rental offers in Quiberon next to the thalassotherapy. My home in Quiberon offers you also the possibility to rent an apartment close the beach or with a swimming pool.

Rent an apartment in the thalassotherapy in Quiberon

A symbol of life, symbol of birth and a symbol of common transformation to all traditions, the sea, according to Homère, represented \"the original source of everything\". It is the figure of the original mother and its benefits on our physical and psychic health have been known since antiquity. On this side of the world, the first marine care center is over 200 years old. Opened in 1800 in Boulogne-sur-Mer, it treated rheumatism and depression. In 1865, it was Dr. Joseph La Bonnardière who invented the term thalassotherapy from the Greek words thalassa, sea, and therapeia, care. In Quiberon, it was in 1964 that the story began. On this end of Brittany, is born the modern Thalasso, between health and get away, relaxation and vitality. Today, Talassa sea and spa invents the thalassotherapy of tomorrow by suggesting connected, preventive and personalized thalasso cures that simultaneously acts on health, beauty and well-being. The program includes : relaxation - hammam, jacuzzi or outdoor whirlpool, solarium, sauna, rest room -, slimming treatments, aesthetic or anti-aging, sports with a room dedicated to cardio training and gymnastics not forgetting the heated seawater pool. Did you know that sea water is able to restore our biological balance? It's proven ! With its twenty-seven grams of sodium chloride per liter and its many mineral salts, its composition is almost identical to the liquid in which our cells bathe. All water-based and marine-based treatments, such as algae and sludge, will therefore provide the body with ideal doses of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. In addition, it is electrolytic. That is to say ? It contains many electrons, and in this way negative ions, beneficial to health. As a plus ? Elimination of toxins, consolidation of bones via calcium ions and regeneration of muscles thanks to potassium ions. An advice ? get a move on that place!
Whether you choose or not to be just a short walk away from the thalassotherapy center, My Home In Quiberon is at your disposal, the home of your dreams, at the best value for money. Therefore, take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !