The surrounding areas of Quiberon

Quiberon must be one of your favorite tourism destinations that will also reveal other more exceptional places. When you are in the vicinity, the islands around Quiberon are invitations to get away and to have some change of scene...

Beautiful island at sea, with exceptional landscapes

Situated at 15 km from Quiberon, Belle île en mer is undoubtedly the largest one among the surrounding areas: it has a dimension of a length of 25 km, a width of 9 km and culminates at 71 m.

Belle île en mer is the inguinal of the Ponant Islands and is one of the largest Breton islands. It has a favorable ocean climate where the sun shines throughout the year, with shimmers changing with the seasons and colorful landscapes. The small island stands out for its Citadel, its Foal Point and its “Aiguilles de Port Coton”.

Houat, the most discreet of all

With a lying and narrowed shapes, Houat reveals itself with beautiful jagged cliffs and a sandy coastline ... A real postcard image. The enchantment operates immediately while seeing its splendid fishing boats with flamboyant colors and its neighborhood with beautiful white houses. Nature is very generous ... The richness of its natural heritage makes of Houat one of the most beautiful resorts in the vicinity of Quiberon.


Smaller than Houat, there are less inhabitants in Hoëdic , it is only about 120 people. Overall, its main village is sheltering its dune center. Its particuliarity ? Its old fort, built in the 19th century as a coastguard. Today, the building has become a privileged residence with luxurious guest rooms.

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