The history of Quiberon

Primitive human graves and skeletons have been found in the vicinity of the peninsula, more precisely on the islet of Théviec. The latter is as old as the Mesolithic, around 5000 BC. AD ..

During the Neolithic Armorican era, between 4500 and 2000 BC. J.-C, the first men erected megaliths: menhirs, dolmens and covered streets are built on Quiberon and its neighborhood. These dolmens are, furthermore, observable nowadays.

The main monuments are located on the Côte Sauvage and in the south-east of the peninsula between Beg, Vil and the tip of the Conguel. During the ancient times, especially during the Bronze Age, the Gauls of the tribe of the Venetes govern on limited states on the current Morbihan. This people then gave the same name to the city of Vannes.

Since their navies were powerful, their nautical superiority occasioned a sort of power to the Veneti whose authority was heard on the whole coast of Gaul and Brittany. The latter had acquired some port stations located on an open sea, separated at great distances from each other. All the navigators were forced to come alongside these ports and to pass in the waters of Quiberon.

In 56 BC BC, the Romans put into the reign of the Veneti and settled on the peninsula. It is in 435 that the Bretons landed taking with them the Christianization. Among other things, Quiberon is a haven dating back to the 11th century. As time goes by and because of massive deforestation, most of the sand is gradually moving towards the bay establishing a tombolo, between the island and the mainland. It was during this period that Quiberon became a peninsula.

Following the blockade of Lorient, the English fleet of Admiral Lestock, consisting of about forty ships, landed in the peninsula in October 1746. The captain general, however, did not want to surrender, this led to the intensification of the war. The Armorican army has been destroyed and residents are forced to flee. While seeing the devastations generated by the wars, Louis Jean Marie Bourbonn duke of Penthièvre, decided to develop the peninsula of Quiberon.

In the years 1893, the very first Quiberon casino was born. And it was in 1899 that Captain Dreyfus returned to "Devil's Island". He disembarks in the middle of the night in the greatest secrecy to be present at his trial. Finally, in 1924, the peninsula was classified climatic station.

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