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Find your villa rental in Quiberon Pointe du Conguel for a holiday

What if go to recharge your batteries on the Peninsula of Quiberon? On this land of legend beaten by the waves with the extraordinary historical past? Visit the Pointe du Conguel, where the stones will make you travel through time ... Choose a villa rental in Quiberon Pointe du Conguel.

Our villa rentals in Quiberon Pointe du Conguel

Here are our holiday villa rental offers in Pointe du Conguel, Quiberon, south Britanny. We select each property proposed in order to offer you real estate in line with our quality charter. My Home In Quiberon offers you also the possibility to rent a some houses in Penthievre beach or in Port Haliguen.

Rent a villa in Quiberon Pointe du Conguel

The peninsula of Quiberon has been shaped by the megalithic architecture that has crossed the epochs since the 5th millennium BCE. Dolmens, menhirs, cromlechs, tumuluses, alignments, cairns ... all these architectural forms testify to the foundations of the first structured and hierarchized societies of farmers and breeders. Each expresses a use, a meaning or a function. For example, all scientific research now converges to recognize the funerary function of the tumulus and dolmen and the cultural and symbolic function of erected stone works. On the Peninsula of Quiberon, do not miss the menhir of Goulvars, probably the most remarkable. Difficult to miss it with its 8 meters of height! You will find it set back from the road between the thalassotherapy and the tip of the Conguel. Another megalithic curiosity: the dolmen of Conguel. On the side of the road towards the point of Conguel, it once contained richly decorated pottery. And what is more unexpected are the few cups - small circular cavities dug by human hands - present on the upper face of the lying menhir. Did you know that this type of megalithic constructions is also present in Western Europe, Asia, Africa, South America or even in the Pacific? Across the world and at different times in history - between -6,500 BC and the end of the first millennium AD - these constructions have developed. Note that those present in Brittany belong to one of the oldest architectural forms - around 5 500 BC - well before the pyramids of Egypt and the first Celts!
Whether you choose one or the other of these villages, My Home In Quiberon has selected the house of your dreams, at the best value for money. So take all your time to choose the sweet home of your holiday. You will not regret it !